Jay-Z's got 99 problems but the cost of his fecal matter ain't one

At Black Pitch Press, you can apparently buy the bacteria, skin cells, fecal matter and/or urine of some of today's top musicians. Think of it -- once the stem cell revolution comes around, you'll be able to clone yourself a Jakob Dylan for the low low cost of just $8.75 plus shipping! But do you have twenty-seven bucks? Because if you do, Michael Stipe can talk a dump on your chest! A virtual dump, of course.

Some of the other musicians sampled include Rick Allen, Julian Casablancas, Conor Oberst, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Rick Nielsen, John Cougar Mellencamp, and, of course, Jay-Z ($33.00 for poo!). I'd rather spend the money quenching my need for Stooges records, but whatever.

Blood Brothers announce Young Machetes: it's already leaked

Just when you thought those crazy bloggers couldn't pirate music any faster, the new Blood Brothers record, out October 10th on V2 Records, has leaked. Can I point out that I just heard about this record's existence less than a week ago? Are you people stealing from Johnny Whitney's bedroom or something? Jesus Christ.

Anyway, the record is called Young Machetes and is supposedly going to bridge the gap between the unabashed genius of Burn, Piano Island, Burn and the simpler, more textually complex Crimes. I'm very interested in hearing this. After all, the Bros have written some of the richest, most sonically challenging hardcore music of the last ten years.

If you're going to find it on Soulseek, make sure to get it when it comes out or pre-order it. These guys are worthy of your help.

Blood Brothers - Official Site


Hear the new Matthew Friedberger!

Here in the states, we're mainly counting the days until Tuesday when we can buy the new Lily Allen record. When that is over, though, we'll need something to occupy our precious time, and Fiery Furnace Matthew Friedberger is just the man to do it. After all, his (even for him) ultra-ambitious double album Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School comes out August 8th on 859 Recordings.

I always love to hear about how badly people misinterpret Matthew's work in critical reviews, and this album is no different. I've already heard the term "unlistenable" about twenty times. Cool. You know how much I love this guy, so either listen to some tracks below or just skip ahead to the next entry.

At Obscure Sound, you can hear "The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter", "Her Chinese Typewriter", "Don't You Remember?", "The Cross and the Switchblade" and "Do You Like Blondes".

At Noise for Toaster, you can hear "Under the Hood at the Paradise Garage", "Ruth Versus Rachel" and "Holy Ghost Language School".

At Good Hodgkins, you can hear "Things Were Going So Well", "Up the River" and "Seventh Loop Highway".

I know it's a double album and everything, but that's still a fucking great sampling of the two records. Enjoy.

Back from vacation

After a two week hiatus, Airport Samba is finally ready to return from a summer break. I've got lots of interesting stuff for you, including my thoughts on the new Matthew Friedberger, Girl Talk, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Pajo. Not to mention a trip to see the lovely Jens Lekman.

For those of you at the Pitchfork Music Festival, fuck you. For the rest of you, welcome back.